Agatti (28/02/2012): Like Previous years this year also the Govt: J.B.School (North) conducted an Excursion trip to the Northern tip of on 28th February 2012 this Excursion was sponsored by SSA Agatti.  Way to the Excursion site pupil were visited the following offices like Fisheries Work Shop, Ice plant, Poultry unit & Desiccated Coconut Plant with teachers. The pupil able to under stood the merits & important of each units. Finally pupil reached the excursion site at 12.00 pm. The teacher served the lime juice to the pupil at 12.30 pm the function started. In the absence of President SMC the Vice president Smt. Zeenath presided the function. She spoke in detail about the excursion & it’s important. K.P Sharaf was welcome the distinguished guest to the function Shri K.Khader RP.Maths, K.P Anver PET and K.P Akber PST were spoke in the function followed by the function at 01.45. There was a mars feat with SMC executive members was help. And about 02.30 pm Verities of Entertainment Program were conducted by the pupil. And the vote of thanks was done by Shri.B.Mohammed Hashim PST to the man audience.        


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